Friday, September 11, 2009


haizzzzz..... today went back to school for guzheng, so stress sia cause we have to perform on the 30th of octorber so have to practice really really hard cause exams r coming so we have to work extra hard. still have homework to do.Today after guzheng went to play timezone, i guess some of u now why i went there. After playing went to eat dinner. When went down, we saw a lot of flower arrangements, it was done by my juniors in nanyang primary school. Cannot believe it a primary 1 in our school could win 1st tat really amazed me. There were also other schools. Please if u have time head down to great world city and see the flower arrangements i think it is only until this sunday if i am not wrong. It is at the first floor near Macdonalds. thanks for visiting if u r going there to see.

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